Photovoltaic Module, Solar Panels

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Large Ground Power StationIndustrial and Commercial RoofResidential Roof
Photovoltaic Solar Panel.jpgstructure of solar module.jpg
solar panel structure.jpg
450.jpgModel NumberDK-400WDK-420WDK-440WDK-450W
Maximum Power (W)400W420W440W450W
Tolerance (%)±3%±3%±3%±3%
Open Circuit Voltage (V)48.8048.9649.5050.28
Short Circuit Current (A)10.7510.9310.3311.40
Maximum Power Voltage (V)40.1040.5140.9541.60
Maximum Power Current (A)10.2210.3710.7510.82
Solar Module Efficiency (%)18.8619.3020.2420.70
Solar Cell Efficiency (%)21.321.8222.8623.38
Series Fuse Rating (A)20202020
Terminal BoxIP65
Maximum System Voltage (V)DC 1500V
Operating Temperature (℃)-40℃ - 85℃
Dimension2094 x 1038 x 35 mm
Weight23.5kg / Piece
Packing2pcs in one carton, or 30pcs per pallet
Model NumberDK-500WDK-530WDK-535WDK-540WDK-545WDK-550W
Maximum Power (Pmax/W)500530535540545550
Open Circuit Voltage49.1249.3249.5249.6949.9050.10
Short Circuit Current13.6313.7013.7813.8613.9013.95
Voltage at Maximum Power41.2641.4141.5541.7241.9042.10
Current at Maximum Power12.7312.8112.8812.9513.0213.07
Solar Module Efficiency (%)20.2920.4920.6820.8821.0821.26
* STC (Standard Testing Conditions): Irradiance 1000W/m2, Cell Temperature 25°C, Spectra at AM1.5
*Test uncertainty for Pmax: ±3%
Solar Panels 500W-550W Specifications
Solar CellsMonocrystalline 182mm*182mm
Cells Quantity144 Pcs (6*12+6*12)
Front Panel GlassHigh light transmission rate, low iron, tempered glassSemi -tempered coating glass, thickness 2.0mm
Backplane/GlassWhite BackplaneSemi -tempered coating pressed-flower glass, thickness 2.0mm
Aluminum FrameAnodize aluminum alloy frame 6005 T6, silver color
Junction BoxIP68, 1500V DC, 3 bypass diodePV-RM01, IP68, 1500V DC, 3 bypass diode
Cables4.0mm2 (12AWG), Positive Electrode(+) 300mm, Negative Electrode (-) 300mm (including connecting head)
ConnectorPV-RM01, IP68MC4 compatible connector
Project Case of Solar Panels
European project (30MW).jpgBelgium Project (3KW).jpgBrazilian project (8MW).jpg
European ground photovoltaic power station project (30MW)Belgium Family Photovoltaic Power Station (3KW)Brazilian roof photovoltaic power station project (8MW)
Thailand project (20MW).jpgYemen project (60MW).jpgMexican project (6MW).jpg
Thailand roof photovoltaic project (20MW)Yemen ground centralized photovoltaic project (60MW)Mexican roof photovoltaic project (6MW)
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