Solar Aluminum Frame

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Photovoltaic Solar Panels Aluminum Frame
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Company Profile
Our company is specialized in supplying Aluminum Coils, Solar Panels Aluminum Frame and Solar Mounting Aluminum Bracket for Solar Panel Photovoltaic Modules. we have seven advanced professional extrusion production lines, one automatic oxidation production line, four new automatic solar aluminum frame production lines, specializing in the production of solar photovoltaic modules aluminum frame and solar photovoltaic aluminum bracket, daily output of solar photovoltaic frame 30,000 sets, annual output of 20,000 tons.
Application Scenarios of Solar Power Generation
Large Ground Power StationIndustrial and Commercial RoofResidential Roof
Solar Panels Aluminum Frame
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Specifications of Solar Photovoltaic Aluminum Frame
Series6000 series
Material Temper6063-T5,6063-T6,6063-T66,6005-T5,6005-T6, 6060-T5/T6,6060-T66
Size of 
solar pv aluminum frame
Length and width: 3*3cm, 3*3.5cm. Generally, it is processed according to the drawings and samples provided by customers.
Max processing Length: aluminum frame 2.5m, aluminum bracket 6.5m.
Thickness: 1-1.5mm, according to Customers' needs.
Aluminum alloy grade6063, 6005, 6060
Shape of solar aluminum frameL, H, Generally, processed according to needs of customers.
Craft and ProcessingAluminium Extrusion Profile
Surface Treatment of Aluminum frame
Sandblasting oxidation: silver, white, black, Anodic oxidation Thickness:  8-25um.
Because of the Aluminum Frame and Aluminum Bracket need ensure the outdoor service life of photovoltaic modules of about 25 years,Therefore, the aluminum frame used in solar photovoltaic modules should have good anti-oxidation, corrosion resistance and other properties. Generally, the frame used in solar photovoltaic modules needs surface treatment such as Anodic oxidation and Sandblasting oxidation.
Product CertificateISO9001, ISO45001
Port of LoadingQingdao, Shanghai, etc.
MOQ1pc for sample, Bulk order: 20/40 Container
Delivery time
for Customer's Customization new Model: in 21 days, 
purchase our current Model: in 14 days.
Product featuresSolar Photovoltaic Aluminum Frame and Aluminum Bracket is used to fix and seal solar cell modules, enhance module strength, prolong service life, and facilitate transportation and installation.
Solar Panels Aluminum Frame
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Production Process of Solar Photovoltaic Aluminum Frame
Batching→melting→casting→aluminum bar storage→aluminum bar heating→extrusion→quenching→automatic sawing→stretching and straightening→framing→aging→sandblasting→upper row→deesterification-alkaline etching→neutralization→anode Oxidation→((coloring))→sealing((electrophoresis))→lower row→inspection→filming→packaging→warehouse→leave factory
For your Reference: Processing Drawing of Solar Aluminum Frame
If you need Customize Aluminum Frame, please send me your Product Drawing and Requirements.
Aluminum Frame - Long Side Section
Long Side Section.jpg
Aluminum Frame - Long Side Processing Drawing
Long Side Processing.jpg
Aluminum Frame - Short Side Section
Short Side Section.jpg
Aluminum Frame - Short Side Processing Drawing
Short Side Processing.jpg
Sectional View of Corner Code
Section of Corner Code.jpg
Kind Reminding :
If you need Customize Aluminum Frame, please send me your Product Drawing and Requirements.
Solar Aluminum Frame.jpg
Aluminum Frame.jpg
Extrusion line display.png
Packing of Solar Photovoltaic Aluminum Frame
aluminum frame pack.jpg
2 aluminum frame pack.jpg
Kind Reminding :
Generally, solar panels aluminum frame and solar aluminum bracket are processed according to
the Product Drawings of Customers.
Please send us your Requirements of Solar Panels Aluminum Frame/Bracket.