Aluminum Foil

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The packaging sector is one of the largest markets for aluminium and is also one of the few markets where only flat rolled products - foil and low gauge sheet - are used.
Aluminium packaging solutions deliver freshness, convenience, and security for food, beverages, pharmaceuticals and other products.
Packaging converting companies make an enormous variety of aluminium foil based products by coating and laminating aluminium with other materials and printing and embossing them. Using plain foil in thicker gauges, specialist manufacturers produce containers for fresh and cooked foods.
Plain foil, commonly known as household foil, is known and loved in domestic and professional kitchens. The unique combination of attributes qualifies aluminium foil for a wide variety of uses
EPTM painting  Washing, non-chrome
8011 8021 8079 8006 3003 3004O、H22      H240.01~0.055100-1600mm
Aluminum Foil