Opportunities and challenges brought by the reshaping of

Posted on 2022-01-31
China is the world's largest aluminum foil producer, consumer and exporter, and the most important link in the global aluminum foil supply chain. Antaike judges that in 2020, China's aluminum foil production will be 4.05 million tons, accounting for 65% of the global total; domestic apparent consumption will be 2.84 million tons, accounting for 70% of output, and the domestic market will be the main consumer of China's aluminum foil; exports will account for 30% of output , Higher than the strip and extruded material, shows that China's aluminum foil products have strong international competitiveness, and at the same time, have a certain degree of dependence on the international market. The European Union, the United States, and Japan are also important parts of the global aluminum foil supply chain. The European Union is the world's second largest aluminum foil consumer market, the United States is the world's largest aluminum foil importer, Japan is the representative of the production of high value-added aluminum foil products, and Southeast Asian countries are also actively participating in the global aluminum foil trade. In the context of the gradual rise of global trade protection, trade frictions against aluminum foil products will be concentrated in 2020. Among them, there are 7 new trade frictions against China’s aluminum foil, and a total of 9 new trade friction cases between countries or regions outside China. . The increasingly complex international trade environment and the uncertainty brought by the epidemic have brought new tests to aluminum foil producers and consumer customers, and accelerated the shock and reorganization of the global supply chain. While China's aluminum foil industry is facing tremendous pressure, the macro and market environment are also giving birth to opportunities. The strong industrial foundation and diversified product supply capabilities enable China to adapt to new changes and find a right position in the process of reshaping the global supply chain. , Seeking new development.
On December 17, 2020, Beijing Antaike Information Co., Ltd. Aluminum Department Senior Analyst Yuan Yuan was invited to participate in the conference organized by the China Nonferrous Metal Processing Industry Association and the Suixi County Party Committee and the County Government and undertaken by the Suixi Economic Development Zone Management Committee. "2020 China (Suixi) Aluminum Foil Innovation and Development High-level Forum" and made a report titled "Global Supply Chain Reshaping-Opportunities and Challenges for China's Aluminum Foil Industry", on China's aluminum foil production and consumption, and aluminum foil production and consumption in major foreign regions The situation, the global aluminum foil trade pattern and situation, and the challenges and opportunities faced by China's aluminum foil industry were discussed in four aspects.
"2020 China (Suixi) Aluminum Foil Innovation and Development High-level Forum" takes "new advantages, new development, new pattern" as the theme, faces the situation of my country's aluminum foil industry, focuses on industry shortcomings, promotes exchanges and cooperation, and is committed to comprehensively shaping new development advantages and promoting High-quality development of the aluminum foil industry. The opening ceremony of the forum was presided over by Lu Jian, Deputy Secretary-General and Director of the Aluminum Department of China Nonferrous Metal Processing Industry Association, Huaibei Municipal Party Committee and Mayor Qin Weiguo, Huaibei Municipal Party Committee Member and Secretary of Suixi County Party Committee Ren Dong, and China Nonferrous Metal Processing Industry Association Deputy Secretary Chairman and Secretary-General Zhang Jilin, Deputy Secretary of Suixi County Party Committee and County Mayor Guo Hailei and other leaders attended the meeting and delivered speeches.
Antaike has long-term tracking and in-depth research on the global aluminum foil industry chain, supply chain and trade friction, and has always been committed to providing professional, all-round, and multi-level market and industrial services to the industry.